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The Never-Quite-Finished Guide to Oklahoma City's Best Biscuits and Gravy

Biscuits and gravy are in a very healthy relationship.

Biscuits can hang out with eggs and sausage and cheese. They can kick it with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

Gravy has a strong, personal connection to turkey and roast beef. Its friendship with chicken-fried steak stands the test of time. Mashed potatoes was the best man at gravy’s wedding.

They can exist apart from one another, but they are best together. Biscuits and gravy are the perfect couple. We should all aspire to the kind of happiness and joy they bring to each other and the world around them.

Which isn’t to say that all biscuits and gravy are made equal. Some are...uh...bad. We don’t want you falling into their trap, which is why I Ate Oklahoma is proud to present:

The Never-Quite-Finished Guide to Oklahoma City’s Best Biscuits and Gravy

The following are some of our favorite biscuits and gravies in the metro area. If your favorites aren’t on the list, let us know. No guarantees, but maybe we just haven’t tried them yet.

And check back often, as this list will be updated frequently until all ~100 restaurants on my list are covered.

Do you work at a restaurant that only does biscuits and gravy on the weekends? Let me know when I can come give them a try.


605 NW 28th St., OKC


Date: 5/14/18

Dish: biscuits and sausage gravy ($5)

Strong biscuit game, as one would assume from a place called Buttermilk. The outside is crisp. The inside is buttery and layered. Not Grands biscuits, so adjust your expectations upward. The sausage gravy is creamy with a hint of flour-y flavor and a fair number of sausage bits. It’s a very good, very straightforward biscuit and gravy. For more heat, check out the hot sauces cloistered under the soda machine.

Colby’s Grill

511 S. Broadway, Edmond

Date: 5/15/18

Dish: biscuits and gravy (2 for $3.19)

Biscuits were fluffy, but sadly not made at the restaurant. No sausage in the gravy, but it tasted rich and creamy and the texture was silky smooth with flecks of pepper. I wouldn’t have minded a little more spice.

Good Gravy! Diner

8014 N. Western Ave., OKC

Date: 5/16/18

Dish: biscuits and gravy (2 for $4.99)

As you might expect from a place with gravy in its name, Good Gravy! Diner definitely counts its biscuits and gravy among the best in the city. While plenty of places have one or maybe three kinds of gravy on the menu, Good Gravy! has ::checks notes:: 47 varieties. The biscuits are truly wonderful, even sans gravy. These are exceedingly light and fluffy and they feel like they’ll melt on your tongue without much of a fight. For the gravy, the classic sausage is a good bet, but I spiced it up with sausage and jalapeno blend that lit me right up. The flavor is great and the burst of heat wakes you up better than coffee. Easily one of the best in the metro.

Kitchen No. 324

324 N. Robinson Ave., OKC


Date: 3/26/18

Dish: scratch biscuit with chorizo gravy ($7)

Kitchen likes to do things their own way, so don’t expect the same old biscuits and gravy here. Rather than the fluffy cut biscuits many places use, Kitchen makes a drop biscuit that has a more crumbly texture and lots of crunchy crust. The gravy is made with chorizo fat, giving it a darker color and spicier flavor. Inside the biscuit you’ll find a chorizo patty, which bumps up the heat and adds another filling element. Kitchen’s chorizo is surprisingly mild, so don’t worry too much about getting burned.

Rocky Mountain Grill

3600 E I- 35 Frontage Road, Edmond


Date: 3/31/18

Dish: biscuit and gravy ($3)

While The Scooter is biscuits and gravy on steroids, I’m pretty well satisfied with the simpler charms of the regular biscuit and gravy. There’s a lot a lot a lot of sausage in this gravy. That’s an extremely flavorful gravy soaking into a pile of buttery, fluffy biscuits. You can make it a whole meal by doubling up and adding hash browns for $6.

Sherri’s Diner

704 SW 59th St., Oklahoma City

Date: 5/21/18

Dish: large biscuits and gravy ($4.99)

Have you ever ordered biscuits and gravy and worried you were going to run out of gravy before you ran out of biscuits? Then you were not at Sherri’s Diner, where the homemade biscuits are enormous and the gravy comes out in a punch bowl. The biscuits are a little doughy, but still have plenty of rise. The gravy is creamy with a few chunks of sausage. I like a little more seasoning in my gravy, so I went nuts with the pepper, but your mileage may vary.

Sunnyside Diner

Three locations


Date: 5/17/18

Dish: biscuits and gravy ($8.99)

If $9 for biscuits and gravy sounds like a lot, you haven’t checked out the description of Sunnyside Diner’s version of the dish. Biscuits, of course. Choice of gravy, natch. Cheddar cheese, two eggs, choice of meat, though...that’s not the norm.

I have mixed feelings about mixing eggs with gravy. I’m not sure why exactly, but there you have it. Those worries faded quickly when I dug into this delicious plate. The biscuits and big and fluffy. The sausage gravy is creamy and studded with big chunks of sausage. The eggs (I ordered over-medium, because I’m a gentleman) were cooked perfectly and added heft to the dish. The cheese, another item I’m a little wary of, was an unexpectedly wonderful addition. The sharp cheddar added a tanginess and lift that kept the dish from becoming overly rich. Bacon on the side was crispy-chewy, as I like. This was an excellent plate of biscuits and gravy.

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