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A Latte Love Coffeehouse

Food Truck Friday is back, except on a Sunday, because...schedules, amirite? Thanks to Citizens Bank of Edmond for sponsoring these reviews and for organizing Heard on Hurd, which returns to downtown Edmond 6-10 p.m. May 19.

Food trucks aren’t cheap to buy, but they are cheaper than buying a whole restaurant. And while there are benefits to a brick and mortar location, there are also drawbacks. Plenty of traditional businesses fail because customers never find them.

So it makes sense that Lucas and Ceeja (pronounced C.J.) Malmkar (pronounced...I’m not totally sure) would choose a business they could take to the customers.

Lucas Malmkar

A Latte Love Coffeehouse is working toward a brick-and-mortar location, but that’s because they’ve had time to build a following. And it’s not much of a surprise they have, because the Malmkars have done a fine job creating a menu that is friendly to coffee drinkers of all stripes and even those who aren’t fond of coffee.

Lucas earned much of that customer loyalty by constantly trying to innovate new flavors and he’s come up with some winners. But he gives a lot of credit to Grounds 4 Compassion, the local roaster, for providing him with a great base for his drinks.

The Food

There’s plenty of competition in the world of food trucks, but not for A Latte Love. His business does better when there are more food trucks around, which makes sense. Most food trucks have the same general roster of soft drinks and water and not much more. So if any diners looking for something else are pleased as punch to see the Malmkars’ truck.

If you enjoy coffee, then congratulations on being a human. This is one of the tests we have to give people if we’re ever invaded by Skrulls.

‍If you see someone who looks like this, please call The Avengers.

But also congratulations on reading this review so I can tell you about the lattes ($6) at A Latte Love. A lot of people tend to make all lattes the same, but Lucas said he tries to customize each one to the level of sweetness desired by the customer — unsweet, semi-sweet, sweet.

So I chose a semi-sweet latte and Lucas gussied it up with his southern bourbon caramel latte. The flavor was on the spot. A great smooth latte with a mild sweetness and a touch of roasty caramel and pecan.

Frozen hot chocolate

If you’re not a cream-and-sugar coffee drinker, Lucas is glad to help. He drinks his coffee black, both because he loves good coffee and because he’s tough as nails. Actually just the first one. I mean, maybe he’s tough. He seemed nice to me. You can decide for yourself.

When the weather isn’t friendly to hot beverages, they make iced coffee, too. Or you could forgo the coffee altogether and get the award-winning frozen hot chocolate ($7).

What makes it frozen hot chocolate and not just chocolate milk? Some kind of marshmallow syrup that gives it a hint of coconut. The texture is more like a frappe, which keeps you from straight chugging it.

It won the Sweetest of the Sweet Award at the Oklahoma State Fair last year, which is why I recommend you share it with one or several someones.

Tropical fusion love potion

Sometimes you’re not in the mood for chocolate. I assume. That’s never happened to me, but we’re all different. That’s the magic of genetics and free will.

And if you’re not in the mood for chocolate, you weirdo, you can try a love potion ($4), which is kind of a twist on an Italian cream soda. I had the “tropical fusion” variety, which tasted like a strawberry-coconut daiquiri and happiness. There’s also whipped cream on top.

While the frozen hot chocolate is cold, it’s not quite refreshing. But the love potion is exactly what I want when the days get hot and the nights get hotter and everybody feels sticky like they rolled around in wet Jolly Ranchers.

It’s sweet and crisp and, while I’m not feeling any more amorous, I’d definitely go on a second date with the love potion.

Food Truck Friday reviews are brought to you by Citizens Bank of Edmond, which presents the monthly street festival, Heard on Hurd in Downtown Edmond. Heard on Hurd is an authentic block party style festival that features three dozen food trucks, a live concert with local artists and retail pop-up shops. Edmond has a special vibe of its own and Citizens Bank of Edmond provides an outlet for the Edmond community to shine. Heard on Hurd highlights the importance of supporting local eateries, artists and retailers. At the heart of Heard on Hurd is Citizens Bank of Edmond which is proud to provide the means for so many local thriving businesses.

The next Heard on Hurd is 6-10 p.m. May 19 at the corner of Broadway and Hurd in Edmond. For updates, follow @HeardonHurd on social media with hashtag #JointheHurd

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